Your child’s birth certificate, your child’s Australian Immunisation Register Immunisation History Statement, Customer Reference Number for both child and parent/guardian.

Please see our Family Handbook

You can book a specific day or days and these are set for each week.

Yes, you will have a permanent booking for each week.

Unfortunately, we can’t switch your booked days but you can book extra days via our app Kindy Now. If you would like to make a permanent change to your day and there is space available you can change days. If you need to reduce days or discharge, two weeks’ notice is required.

Yes, fees are charged but you will still receive your child care subsidy. Each child is allowed an initial 42 absence days from care across all approved child care services during each financial year which can be used for any reason and without the need to produce supporting documentation (includes public holidays). For any absent days above this and without evidence, Centrelink will not pay the CCS.

If you would like us to hold your permanent booking day/s yes, but if you book your absence through the KindyNow app and someone else books those days you will get $20 credited back to your account.

Our hygiene procedures are very robust; we have a very high standard of cleanliness and a housekeeper at each site daily to keep illnesses to a minimum and to decrease the amount of illness spread. We have a procedure to manage illnesses, to manage unwell children and for hygiene of the service.

We have a housekeeper 5 days per week, 5 hours per day. We clean the room and the resources throughout the day. We also ask that families keep their children at home if they are unwell and send children home if they display illness symptoms.

Babies 0-1 year sleep in cots, older children sleep on mattresses.

We provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

We work in partnership with your family to meet any individual dietary requirements.


No, Centrelink pays us and then just pay the difference.

Through your MyGov account, you must make an application for the Child Care Subsidy. They will ask information about your family’s income and activity levels and then make an assessment. If you or your child do not have a CRN (Customer Reference Number) already then you will need to apply for that through MyGov as well.

You can access this through Medicare on your MyGov account, either online or via the app.

Please see our Family Handbook

We communicate in many different ways about your child’s day. We have communication books, information from educators, and via our online portfolio app, Educa.