Why Choose Us?


At Ngala Early Learning, we focus on respect for each child and carefully notice and respond to your child’s learning, development, interests and needs by being reflective and intentional. We acknowledge the importance of childhood and value this special time. We want your child to create happy memories with us.

Our Parent Partnerships model ensures all Educators are committed to interacting collaboratively with parents and working together to meet the needs of both the child and family through the development of genuine supportive relationships.

Our Educators

Professional, mature, diverse and experienced Educators mean children can build sound and secure relationships at their Ngala Early Learning and Development Service.

Educators employed at Ngala Early Learning and Development Service come with many qualifications and skills. Our Educators have completed Degrees and Diplomas in Early Childhood and Education, we provide a comprehensive induction process and continually engage in early childhood research and ongoing Professional Development and Learning.

The qualifications held by the Educators in each service exceed the requirements by our state regulations.

All Educators have completed first aid, protective behaviours and workplace health and safety qualifications and training.


Each Ngala Early Learning and Development Service is managed by professional and experienced Centre Coordinators, who pay considerable attention to detail around the daily operations of each service, and together with educational leaders, actively support the Educator teams to be reflective, engage in research and make decisions to ensure quality care. In addition the Services are supported by a Senior Coordinator, Curriculum & Practices Leader and a Program Support Officer. This amount of support means constant reflection and improvement of all aspects of care for the children in the Ngala service.

Education and Learning

See the curriculum tab for detailed information on our rich and engaging child-lead curriculums, which ensure all children are involved and active learners.

Ngala Early Learning and Development Service curriculum leaders are given weekly curriculum time to develop quality, meaningful programs. The scheduled curriculum planning time exceeds the minimum time required by state regulations, this means a more thoughtful and well planned curriculum each and every week to support the development and wellbeing of the children at Ngala Early Learning and Development Service.

The curriculums, time for children to play and practice and master skills, our natural learning environments and meaningful outdoor spaces ensure Ngala Early Learning and Development Services are a wonderful place for children to thrive.

Parenting Support

As part of the well-known Ngala Community Organisation, we are well placed to offer support and services if required in regards to all aspects of parenting and the unique challenges which parents face throughout their parenting journey. The many programs and support networks on offer ensure an understanding and supportive community based environment within our services. Parent partnership meetings are always available when needed to discuss a child’s strengths and goals and to celebrate accomplishments and/or talk about issues and concerns in relation to the child’s needs and development.