Our curriculums are goals and plans for the children to acquire skills, knowledge and confidence through play experiences (often called activities) and play and routine opportunities throughout the day. Our curriculums are planned from the child’s perspective.

Our skilled educators spend time getting to know each child and family by firstly forming an attachments and relationships,  then plan a curriculum based on the child’s interests, strength and development, and  Using the standards of the Early Years Learning Framework, and the National Quality Standards to guide our practice.

We plan four Curriculums:

Everyday Curriculum

Is planned for the indoor and outdoor environments. We believe both areas are equally important and require thoughtfully planned environments and experiences.  Our everyday curriculums cover areas such as physically active play, dramatic play, construction and  loose parts play, these experiences are offered over the fortnight, as we believe children need time to practice skills, and then areas are updated/extended or changed into new spaces based on the children’s responses.


We value the arts and implement a rich arts curriculum based on Rhoda Kelloggs ‘Stages of Artistic development’.  Our Arts curriculum allow the children to experiment, be creative and to express themselves in their own unique way.


Our Storytelling curriculum has a focus on children’s’ vocabulary and pre-literacy skills.  We aim to provide stories that are interesting, fun and important for the children.  Stories with sequencing, rhymes, and strong characters.  Each story is told for a fortnight to allow the children to learn and comprehend new words, recall events and recite the story.


Ngala Early Learning and Development Services use Educa Software to share your child’s journey with you and ensure you are involved in their learning and development from the minute they start in our care.
Educa is a private, safe and secure platform which allows Ngala Educators to enter and share learning stories about what your child is enjoying, learning, achieving, investigating and showing interest in as well as group projects and spontaneous experiences which enable them to communicate, connect and interact with Educators and other children.
The Educa platform facilitates input, comments and feedback directly from parents about their child’s stories which can assist us to further enhance their opportunities for learning.
It also acts as a notice board to ensure parents are kept up to date with news and events at the Early learning & Development Services.
Take a look at how Educa assists us to ensure parents are involved and instrumental in their child’s care, needs and development whilst in our care.