Natural Environment


We believe it is vital for children to be immersed in nature, and our play spaces, both indoors and outdoors, include and promote nature.
Outdoor play is offered all day-at any time (with the exception of sleep/rest times).

The door between the indoor and outdoor play spaces remains open throughout the day and the children can choose where they would like to play.
Our children wear hats and sunscreen during the summer and in the cooler months wear jumpers, jackets, raincoats and gumboots. Babies have access to crawling rainpants.

There is considerable research about the benefits of nature play, with Nature Play Queensland stating that, ‘time spent learning outside and using natural resources supports creativity and problem solving, enhances cognitive functioning, improves academic performance, improves self-discipline and eyesight and reduces stress.’

Nature play and outdoor play are important parts of our curriculum, and are aligned to our learning outcomes. While playing outdoors there are many things the children at Ngala will experience, including:

  • Learning about the weather and seasons
  • Water play
  • Sand play
  • Mudplay
  • Exercise/Physical activity
  • Loose parts play (logs, rocks, flowers, leaves, bark, scarves, sheets-for cubbies etc)
  • Environmentally sustainable behaviour and ecological literacy