Become a Ngala Early Learning Educator


Why choose an early education career with Ngala?

Get in touch with our Careers team to find out more about current educator opportunities at Ngala Early Learning Centres.

Helping to shape the lives of young children and families can be extremely rewarding.

Ngala specialises in supporting parents and children along their journey to “Raising Happiness”. Ngala Early Learning and Development Service equips children with the skills and opportunities to be effective and engaged learners.

If you are passionate about making a difference to others and working with children, then becoming an educator with Ngala Early Learning and Development Service could be just for you.

The Ngala Difference…

  • The Coordinators and Leadership Teams at each Ngala Early Learning & Development Service value a strong team approach and recognise that all educators bring unique, individual skills and passions.
  • Each room has a full day of non-contact time each week to work on their child led curriculum. We really value the time and effort which goes into planning and providing opportunities for learning and discovery.
  • Our Educators participate in a collaborative curriculum approach where all team members are involved in the development and implementation of our curriculums.
  • Educators can share their areas of interest through curriculums based around Storytelling, Arts, and various ongoing projects.
  • We value our Educators and offer 5 weeks annual leave a year along with above award pay rates. Ngala Early Learning & development really take our Educators on a journey and foster areas of interest or development through professional learning opportunities.

Why a career in Early Education?

Job security: The Early Childhood Education & Care Sector is experiencing strong growth. Changes to Child: Educator ratios, Required Educator qualifications and an increase in children attending services are in many ways responsible.

A rewarding career: Inspiring children’s love of learning and assisting them to develop all important social skills.

Career Opportunities: There’s always room to grow and challenge yourself in the supportive environments of our Early Learning & Development Services.

Flexible Opportunities: Opportunities to work across various roles with a variety of promotion and shift availabilities and commitments.

If you would like to find out more about becoming an educator, please contact us on 08 9368 9368 or email